Monday, April 12, 2010

Diesel Engine or Unleaded Gasoline?

Diesel is often looked at as being smelly, noisy, and many think the only place for it is in a tractor.  The truth to diesel vehicles is that they are slow, clanking, smelly, although they are cheaper to run than gas.

Nonetheless, there are some automobilists that still complain about the engine's weak power, specially when speeding up from a full stop.  What you may not be careful of is the fact that a diesel motor engine can be fine-tuned to give more power without harming the fuel economy.

With trucks, diesel motor is normally the leader over petrol engines in conditions of operation and miles per kilometer.  The Wisconsin DMV (see: says that diesel motor trucks will get more mileage than gas trucks, and the price for diesel is a bit cheaper than gas these days. And with gas prices on the rise, diesel motor will remain to dominate for a very long time to come.

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